Accessible learning environment (ALE) and distance learning solutions

During our web conference we shared our experiences of distance teaching. Methods were presented as well as other digital tools and platforms for learning, communication and physical activity. The assembled experiences and the digital tools and platforms are directly useful in the current situation but also in a future normal situation.


There is no possible interaction with our students if we fail in communication. That’s why we consider that this is a very important (the main) goal, especially in difficult situations such as the ones we have lived during this period of time. That’s why we have tried to communicate with them in as many different ways as we have been able to. Good communication is the base for a profitable teaching action.

Physical activity

Physical wellbeing makes mental and spiritual health balance so we need to focus also on physical activities during digital learning. We have tried to teach our pupils how they can make physical activities indoor and outdoor as well. We should support them to create an active life and daily routine. During this process they need to check themselves how they can do the exercises correctly.

Pedagogical tools

To make the students commited, involved and participated we have chosen a couple of digital tools that we already have used in our regular teaching and some of it also works as a tool for distance learning.

You can see what we are talking about in the following link: