Digital LTT activity of Hungary 19-23 April 2021

During two days took place the 2nd LTT activity, organized by the Hungarian team.

It started on Monday the 19th with a welcoming speach and a virtual Budapest sightseen.

Workshop one:

After a sepach of educational needs in Hungary – focused on learning problems, we all worked about definitions, determinations and the support system for youth/adults with learninfd difficulties, problems, disabilities in different countries.

The second workshop was after the representatives of the organization NEVER GIVE UP told us what they do in one of the most innovative organizations of Hungary.

Each country commented on what they thought about this organization works.

On Tuesday the 20th, it started with one workshop: “Effective learning environment for students with special educational needs in lerning”. Afther which, in different groups, we talked about solutions and best practices in different countries.

The last workshop was “Reintegration with stric love – a presntation of the everydays of the Budapest detention centre.”

We ended the meeting with an assessment of what was done during the two days and thanking the enormous effort made by the organizing team.