Digital LTT activity of Spain 18-19 of October 2021

Those two days we have attended several workshops about:

  • 18th – October:
  • The educational system in Spain: challenges and opportunities towards inclusive education.
  • Co-participation as an opportunity for socio-educational integration. Between theory and practice.

The responsible for the talks was Donatella Donato, Professor at Valencia University. After that, each team told us about the situation in their own contries in relation to the topic discussed.

  • 19 th october:
  • ONCE Social Servicies. The integration of blind and visually impaired people. Two members of this organization, Miguel Martín and Luís Ferrando told us about the way they help blind and visually impaired people to achieve their educational goals, and what is the work that they usually do in Spain with impaired people.
  • The importance of Sociocultural Activities in Adults Educatin. The experience in Mislata Adults School. Leonor Isach, Head of studies., talked about the importance of sociocultural activities as a way to integrate people from different walks of life in this school.

Afte each talk each team told us about what they do in their countries in relation to the topics discussed.

You can see the presentations in the following link: