Gangstøgarden Fjell Kommune

Our resource centre consists of four departments.

1) School department. This department offers full time schooling for about 10 students aged 13-16.

Our pupils has various challenges in interaction due to a number of diagnoses such as anxiety, depression and autism to name some of them. School absenteeism and substance abuse are also present challenges.

All our pupils get a diploma when the leave our school, naturally there are a number of adjustments, but still. A diploma. Focus is on individual adjustment of the learning plan and quite a few of our pupils requires teaching one on one with adults.

2) Youth counselor. The task in this department is to give support to youth and families when school absenteeism is a severe component. Furthermore helping youth approaching the labor market, getting in touch with specialists in health department and initiating “drug-contracts” are essential elements of work in this department.

3) Activity department. Children and youths aged 10-16 may spend one day a week away from their “home-school” to attend this activity. The emphasis is on physical activities and implementing learning of various factors during this alternative day. This department allows four pupils to attend each day, in total 16. Eight aged 10-13 and eight aged 13-16. The division is due to the way age groups are divided in the Norwegian school system.

4) Guidance and tutoring department. This department has as their main role to be a support system for all 15 of our schools. The support is in regards to a great variety of challenges, amongst those are the following:

  • Complexe behavioral challenges in single individuals or in the classroom in general
  • Bullying
  • Anger management training
  • School-home collaboration
  • Observation
  • Giving speeches and lectures on themes regarding the psychosocial environment
  • Start up evaluation before pupils start school

In addition to these departments our resource centre are participating in the following teams on a municipal level:

  • Task force against bullying.
  • Support team for children being molested or sexually abused.
  • Support team for fighting school absenteeism.
  • Support team for children with interaction difficulties.

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