Vuxenutbildningen i Sundsvall

In Adult education (Vuxenutbildningen) in Sundsvall, study and vocational guidance and education take place in various types of school forms. Its about 100 persons who is working in different parts of adult education among them we also have Administrative staff who supports the students who are about 2 500 on yearly basis. Our school forms are:

Special adult education: Within special adult education, teaching is provided for adult students with different degrees of functional variations.

Education in Swedish for immigrants (Sfi): Education within Sfi is conducted for adults who lack knowledge of the Swedish language. Today there are over 1000 enrolled students.

Basic Adult Education: Basic adult education is for adults who lack knowledge from primary school. Many of the students have a foreign background. They read primarily Swedish as their second language, English and mathematics.

Upper secondary adult education: Upper secondary adult education is for adults who lack knowledge from upper secondary school .

Vocational learning on a higher level (YH): Adult education is responsible for the municipality’s efforts at the Vocational learning on a higher level by organizing its own courses, but also by supporting other education providers in the region.

External vocational training: In addition to our own vocational training programs, a large number of external vocational programs are procured annually.

Vuxenutbildningen i Sundsvall