The project

The project have partners from Hungary, Norway, Italy, and Sweden they meet each other on a contact seminar in Poland, spring 2018. The subject on the seminar was special education. The partners work for two days to create a project idea together with focus on how to create an accessible learning environment for all students. An enviroment which can include students with different conditions and diverse needs. The Spanish partners were invited, after the seminar, during the process of creating a project.

Currently many students are missing from the education system due to exclusionary practices within the said system. The organisations who takes part in this project can see that the number of students who is participating in the education and have different conditions and diverse needs are increasing. Two of the targets in the European 2020 strategy, is focus on education, the fact that we want to reduce the number of students who drop out of school and we want more people to completed higher education. The other target is to provide poverty and social exclusion. We think that our project can face the negative developments and defintly help achieve the goals of the European 2020 strategy.

The aim of the project is to enhance of good pratice, knowledge, values, skills and abilities among the target group who is, teachers, special educators and school leaders from Hungary, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden in order to provide a better accessible learning environment for students with different conditions and diverse needs. The exchange of knowledge and good practices in accesible learning environment will take place between 2019–2022 in Hungary, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

The objectives of the project are

  1. To enhance competences within the areas of Inclusive Education , Accessible learning environments for all and Diverse Needs through the exchange and promoting of good practices and quality job shadowing.
  2. To increase specific training initiatives in the areas of Inclusive Education, Accessible learning environments for all and Diverse Needs through the formation of training with the participating countries.
  3. To enhance schools and accessibility for students with diverse needs, through the formulation of a report with guidelines that will support an Accessible learning environment.

The project will have five Learning Teaching Training (LTT) activities. All LTT activities will be connected to the aim and objectives of the project. All LTT activities will include three overall themes, accesible learning environment, implementation and culture elements from host partners. The partners will take part of each others ways of working to create an accessible learning environment. It will be done through both jobshadowing and discussions in interesting topics that have a direct link to an accessible learning enviroment. Implementation is important and a topic that will be discussed at each activity. The idea is that it should give more knowledge about how each organization implement new tools and methods for develope their organization. The cultural elements that each partner has the task of presenting at their activity increase internationalization for all partners.

After each activity, each participating organization is responsible for compiling a report on their impressions and what they have learned, as well as reflections on what they can imagine implementing in their own organisations. All reports written after each activity will be compiled in the final phase of the project into a lager report to present to other similar organisations at both local, regional, national and international level. The results, the report will include guidelines, methods and tools that will benefit similar organizations, schools that also can see an increasing amount of students with other conditions and diverse needs and need to develop a more accessible learning environment for all students so they can reach the goals with their studies.