Meeting in quarantime time

Webminar – March 14th – 2020

As the originals plans of The why and the way- an accessible learning environment» are heavily influenced by the corona virus, adaptations have been made. By late March the mobility to Sundsvall (Sweden) was cancelled due to the pandemic. As a result, the participants has been meeting by the means of the platform Teams.

An integral part of the project is to observe various best practices regarding accessible learning environment (ALE). In the era of home schooling and digital focus the participants from Spain, Sweden, Hungary and Norway are meeting regularly via Teams and are now in the process of collecting and implementing the best digital tools to use.

The representatives of each partner met in an online conference on 14th May to start the next phase of the project. Each partner had collected some methods and devices what could be support the teaching-learning process in this special period. The colleagues have showed their experiences and drawn the attention the specialty of the resources.

These tools are useful in the current situation, but it is also our firm conviction that these tools will remain integral in assuring an accessible learning environment (ALE) in years to come. So, «the why and the way» as an idea and a project is very much alive, not in the manner originally intended, but with regards to the digital component, maybe even more alive than ever?

The compilation of the best practices will be published on the website with the recommendations: why are these solutions could be the best to develop an accessible learning environment and what is the way to support the learners in distance teaching using these tools.

We are all looking forward to the continuation of the work digitally and not least, meeting up with our colleagues and share a meal, a political discussion, a new way of teaching and in the end replacing the digital hug with a real one!

Spain, Sweden, Hungary and Norway / ALE